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PostHeaderIcon Inviting Your Child to Participate The Course or Classes

We know that the child should be supported to develop their talent and potential. Responsible parent is the parent who can steer their children in order to develop children talents well.

Here are some tips in choosing a course of support for children so that children can develop well and get a proud achievement for the parents and for the children themselves.

• What goes into your child’s interest? Maybe this is the first thing you need to answer if you want to choose a course for your child. Your child may be very good at math, but most of her time is spent on tinkering with computers. From this it can be seen the greatest interest of your child.

• Also ask why your child is interested in a particular field. This question is also important in choosing courses for children. Whether by studying these

Inviting Your Child to Participate The Course

Inviting Your Child to Participate The Course

fields, your child can begin to see a future career?

• If you already know the answers to both questions above, you can begin selecting courses for children according to both you and your child. Conducting a survey of some of the course could be the right step.

Make sure you are able to financially support the plan. A mature plan should be supported by a mature financial readiness in order to avoid problems later on.

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PostHeaderIcon 7 Strategies to Make Toddler Discipline

Make toddler discipline

Make toddler discipline

At an early age, children are sometimes deliberately behaving one to satisfy her curiosity, as well as to test the parents. Sometimes, we are so stressed with naughty behavior, fussy, and indicated unruly toddler.

Consider the discipline strategies and tips you can do to children. At least one of these can be effective ways to curb your child’s behavior fussy.

1 Always consistent

No matter what their age, children need clear boundaries. Rules you do not need to be written in stone inscriptions, but basically they have to be the same from day to day.

If yesterday you said is at 08.00 hours sleep a night, then be prepared to turn off the television and the lamp room at the same time tomorrow. It may be just a small example, but always enforce the rules every day. Washing hands before eating, to hold your hand when crossing.

When kids are not sure what to expect behavior to them, look no meaningful regulation and a desire to obey evaporate.

2 Eliminate the audience

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PostHeaderIcon Training the Fussy Eater

fussy eater kids

fussy eater kids

Toddlers can be fussy eaters who refuses to try a new food at least half of the time. Approximately half of all toddlers fit this description, so it is no wonder that food issues are a source of stress for parents.

Establishing healthy eating patterns is important to avoid problems such as obesity and eating disorders later in life. Various strategies can help your child accept a wider range of foods. It may be necessary to offer a food to your child as many as 10 different times before they choose to eat it. The problem is, many parents get frustrated and give up before the fourth or fifth try.

Try to make foods fun. Colorful foods like carrot sticks, raisins, apples, grapes, cheese sticks and crackers can all be fun and healthy choices for your growing toddler. Explain to them that eating good food is important so they’ll grow big and strong, and how it will help them run faster and play longer.

Children learn behaviors from their parents. If you restrict yourself to a narrow range of foods, your child will take notice and mimic your caution. Don’t limit your child’s food variety to only those foods you prefer. It may be that your child’s tastes are different to yours, and perhaps you are simply serving them foods they don’t happen to like. Try to set a good example and try a variety of foods in front of your child. It could motivate them to do the same.

If your child seems healthy and energetic, then they are eating enough. If you are still concerned, keep an eye on how much food they actually eat over the day. Children tend to graze constantly, rather than restrict their eating to three meals per day like adults. You may be surprised how those little handfuls and snacks add up. For further reassurance, check your child’s growth and weight charts, or check with your child’s pediatrician.

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PostHeaderIcon How to Enhance Children’s Imagination?

There are several ways that you can do to spark a child’s imagination.

Among these are:

Read the Books

Read the story together is a great way to enrich your toddler fantasy life. Choose books with lots of pictures that big, colorful, and encourage children to enjoy all the stories in it. Before children can read, you can be free to be creative about the story as you like.

View all the photos, create animal sounds, or a vehicle or a different character, and discuss what is happening or might happen to the characters in the book.

Share story

Use the child as the main character fit the story you read. It was a great way to expand children self-esteem. Children can also learn to create story and their own adventures.

Making and Playing Music

Although the child is not ready for a structured music lessons, you can still introduce them with music. Encourage children to listen to various songs together and encourage them to participate in singing, dancing, or playing a toy or homemade instruments.

Play a Game

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PostHeaderIcon Could fostering be right for my family?


Making the decision to foster is always a difficult and complex one; although you know that you will be doing a wonderful thing to help vulnerable children, how this affects your own life and whether it is something you can cope with and are prepared for will always be a concern.

If you have biological children of your own the decision to foster is an even bigger one; even if you feel excited and ready to foster will this be something that is too difficult for your own children to deal with? Will it affect your family dynamic negatively, or in fact help your children to be stronger, caring and mature individuals?

Andy Young, a carer with The FCA, began fostering this year. He lives with his wife Lesley, daughter Chloe, 15 and son Ethan, 8. He has shared his experience so far with us, and based on this we have listed a few things you should consider before making the decision to foster:


Your children’s age/maturity level:

How old your child is and their personality type will influence how well they cope with fostered children. When Lesley and Andy first decided they would like to foster their son Ethan was only two, and they thought it would be wiser to wait until he reached an age when he could understand the situation fully and cope more effectively “…we felt that (at 2 years old), our Ethan was too young to deal with the impact that Fostering can have. Now, at 8 years old, Ethan & Chloe (15) have as strong an influence on our Foster children as we do!”

Placement types:

There are pros and cons to all fostering placement types and you can specify which would be most suitable for you. If you are worried about how attached your children will grow to the children you foster, respite or short-term fostering might be better options.

A long term fostering placement will give your family more stability, but there is the worry that over a period of months and years your child could grow very attached to a fostered child and find moving on difficult to deal with.

If you are providing care for a child for days or a couple of months your children might find this easier; accepting each child will be with you for a limited time before moving on to a more permanent situation, and another child will soon be in their place.

Your children bonding with the foster child:

It is important that your children feel involved in caring for the fostered child, rather than being on the outside of the situation and resenting the time you have to dedicate to help the fostered child.

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PostHeaderIcon The Many Advantages of Blog about Kids

The Many Advantages of Blog about Kids

If you like writing about kids, then in addition to sites, you would do well to have a blog about kids. There is a different perspective about blogs people have in terms of the informality and casual manner in which content is put forward. Another reason is that when you have a blog about kids the associated advantages are concrete and we shall see what they are below.

a) A blog can get you to contribute regularly and this will in turn improve your writing skills. Moreover this will make you a disciplined writer as you would have to post at least 4-5 times every week.

b) Your blog about kids would help you reach out and establish a wonderful relationship with loyal readers. They will start looking forward to anything new you keep posting and that in turn will not only make you more popular among them, it will also encourage them to look at other works from you, such as other blogs, sites, advertisings and so on. You will thus be able to have a good following.

c) It will set you up as an expert on kids. You can do your best by contributing content that is informative such as interviews with famous writers, doctors and so on. Their credibility is high and in turn this will make your blog also very trustworthy and well known.

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PostHeaderIcon Get Rewarded For Doing Your Weekly Shop

Dairy products, rich in Calcium, Vitamin D and other vitamin and energy sources usually figure high on the shopping list. Although dairy supplies today have a longer shelf-life, thanks to the latest packaging technologies and refrigeration facilities, they do require regular replenishment, given their popularity with both children and adults. Those looking for fresh supplies often include a range of dairy products to suit the taste of each family member.

If dairy supplies dominate weekly shopping, then may be its time to get rewarded for the time, money and effort spent on purchasing these items, by opting for a dairy brand that offers the best value for money. Anchor Dairy, a popular dairy brand in the country, offers a range of dairy supplies right from the basic blocks of baking butter to delightful spreads, cream and squirty cream variants that are an instant hit, especially with the kids.

Anchor has recently come up with a rewards scheme for its regular consumers, using which they can claim a range of discounts and attractive collectibles against their purchases. Each pack of the spreadable or light spreadable range or block butter that features this offer, sports a unique code that earns a specific number of points. Consumers can collect points with each purchase and exchange them for a gift of their choice; the total number of points required for each gift item being different.

In addition to kitchen utilities, consumers can also use the points earned to avail other special offers on dining out, afternoon tea as well as participate in monthly contests to win the featured prize of the month. Points are redeemable at different denominations. While the afternoon tea and dine for £5 option enables shoppers to celebrate special occasions, an enticing collection of kitchen ware ranging from wooden spoons, cup-cake cases, tea towels, cake-tins to aprons and butter dishes that require more points, do aptly reward the support of regular consumers.

Consumers can access the Anchor Rewards Club website to collect points and redeem them for gifts of their choice, making not only their cooking but also dairy shopping an enjoyable experience.

PostHeaderIcon Teaching Toddler to Walk with Fun

Teach Toddler to Walk with Fun

Walking is one of the development stages of toddlers and toddler which is very important. By walking, the toddler will be able to achieve something easily and quickly.

Usually at the beginning of walking  and little practice runs early, maybe he are often fall, stubbed something that block him, and fell.  It is a natural thing of the learning process for the toddler.  The main proses is while the toddler learn to walk with the balance.

Toddler who is still couldn’t stand is that he are not balanced. In addition, the running skills are also supported by the stage prior example, prone, sitting, crawling, and standing. Walking ability begin to look at the age of 8 months to 18 months.

The process of learning to walk for the toddler is not easy. As a mother, you can help smooth the learning process by providing stimulation – stimulation is important that your toddler be able to walk well.

Stimulation you can do include:

1. Holding on to big things. When your toddlers are capable of supporting the weight of their body and he are able to stand alone, he will find large objects around it to hold and to learn to walk, for example, cabinets, chairs, shelves, and others.

The toddler will try stepping slowly. Attempt to shift the foot itself is an achievement because it reflects the leg muscles has the ability to carry his body.

You can put large objects that are safe to hold onto the toddler. In addition, you also have to keep objects – objects that can harm your toddler such as key cabinets.

2. Holding hands. You can hold your toddler’s hands and walked. Hold your toddler’s hands from his back. However, do not pull it up or too tight.

Then, navigate to the next one turns his hand slowly up the little toddler move his own feet.

You also can hold the body such as waist left and right for your toddler to be able to remain upright when walking.  This stimulation effort may be strenuous enough, but how it can make your toddler walk faster. This method is also safer because you can directly supervise your toddler to walk.

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PostHeaderIcon Hugs Can Make Kids Become Smart

Hugs Can Make Kids Become Smart

Hug, it has a role in improving the intelligence of children, said dr. Bambang Dwiyanto Gunawan, head of Maintenance and Upgrades Subfields Children of Central Intelligence Ministry of Health.

In the seminar on hearing loss and psychiatric children in Jakarta, recently, in Jakarta, dr. Gunawan said that a hug can stimulate the hormone oxytocin, which could give a person a sense of calm and can reduce the toxicity of glutamate in the brain substance derivate.

This substance is triggered when a person experiences stress causes adrenaline rising and lead to a narrowing of the brain capacity.

Apparently, resulting in a narrowing of the brain capacity of individuals, especially children, will be disrupted function of intelligence, behavior, and mental health.

Increased adrenaline causes the brain cells swell and eventually die. Dead cells are then replaced by young cells that secrete glutamate derivate.

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PostHeaderIcon Parenting – Your biggest challenge of raising a child while in debt

Parenting – Your biggest challenge of raising a child while in debt

One of the best gifts of life is to become a parent. Times are tough and it’s not really easy to successfully handle parenthood. However, situations can be far more strenuous if you’re in debt and at the same time concerned about your child’s future. If you’re burdened with an incredible amount of credit card debt and looking for a way out of it, a debt consolidation program may prove to be quite useful. With this program, all your numerous credit card debts get consolidated into a single and affordable monthly payment. A majority of the individuals want to leave something for their kid so as to ensure that their child is taken care of financially. However, they dread that the inheritance might be taken over by debt collectors or used casually, such as to support drug, alcohol or tobacco addiction. Therefore, it’s extremely essential to make them financially responsible. Following are a few important things that you need to remember when raising your child while in debt.

Start early

It’s never too early to teach your kids about important debt and lending decrees. Once they understand the meaning of money and the way it’s used, you need to make them understand the importance of avoiding debt, managing money, and savings. Certainly, it’s never too late to educate your kids on these topics, and if you didn’t teach them in their youth, just make sure that you train them financially, before they step into the real world.

Help them in building credit

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