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Do not ever let them out of the house just like that, without giving them a few messages in particular. It’s too early for them to protect themselves. As a parent you should have to explain and inform about what to do and avoid when they are outside the home.

The increasing crime that occurred against children and susceptibility of an accident, it could endanger the safety of the child.

In order for your child to avoid a second hazard is, tell them some of the following tips:

1. To remain always in a crowded area and surrounded by many adults. Do not ever cut a path through a narrow alley or lonely places far away from the crowd.

2. Never go alone. It would be better if they left accompany with someone or a group of friends.

3. Always be alert and pay attention to things around them. Recognize and notice every person who walked near them. And note also the places that might be your baby come when they needs help an adult.

4. Avoid going into public toilets alone. Invite a friend to accompany. But if not possible, find a public toilet close to the shops, stalls or crowded places. Then quickly get out of the toilet after complete.

5. Never talk to strangers. Adults will not ask for assistance to small children. Ask them to always keep a distance if there is a stranger to them, so they can react quickly prior something happens outside.

6. Do not walk or ride a bike near the parked car in the middle of the street or in parking areas. This is to avoid accidents.

7. Trust your heart. If your child feel that something is wrong and weird, do not wait long and concerns. Immediately go and find a safer place in which many adults who can help them.

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