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The best yogurt fermentation of the bacteria Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus. Two bacteria that already exist naturally in the human digestive system is increasingly enriched in yogurt that helps the child to facilitate the digestion so that children will not experience constipation.

Yogurt has been produced as food around 4500 years ago and became a favorite food in Central Asia and Europe. If consumed regularly, can be trusted to make yogurt with longer aging. Even in Spain, Isaac Carasso build Danone in 1919 that produces yogurt for children with diarrhea.

Indonesia is also familiar with yogurt. It’s name curdle the yogurt in the traditional society of West Sumatra. Dadiah curd or derived from water buffalo milk which is fermented in bamboo tubes and consumed as an everyday food. But have not researched more about nutrition and good bacteria curd what is conceived by the curd.

Actually Yogurt is made by entering specific bacteria into the fresh milk at a temperature controlled and specific environmental conditions. After that bacteria will break down milk sugar or lactose and lactic acid release. Lactic acid is what will produce gel-like texture and flavor unique to the yogurt.

Because it is made from fresh milk and natural fermentation, the nutrients in yogurt is almost the same as the original milk that has not changed its form. Ranging from proteins to help strengthen the functions of the body, vitamins and minerals, and calcium that will shape the bone to a maximum. The good bacteria will keep your digestive system with more leverage.

Moreover, the pH of yogurt is a 4 dn human stomach pH is 1. The lower the pH, she will be more acidic. Because yogurt is safe for consumption. This is clearly breaking the assumptions of society about the sour taste of yogurt would be harmful to the stomach.

If the yogurt can be as safe as it is, of course we could give it as a normal variation of milk for kids drink daily. And no need to fear a stomach ache, of course.

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