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Children who are given the chance to use their imagination through play or other activities, will have ample opportunity to display their creative potential in the future. In general, the ability of imagination is needed for children to be more cheerful and positive attitude of enjoying life.

Given this ability children will be able to develop a range of other positive skills. For example, he can develop the ability to experiment, which raised the desire to create and make their own programs. Children who have good imagination skills will be able to fill their own time without much assistance from others. He is not easily bored, because there’s always ideas that motivated to be creative. In addition to the ability of a good imagination, children will also have a sense of humor that helps them in release tensions they experienced. Other capabilities can be developed is also skilled in recognizing and understanding the behavior of others, language skills and make up stories.

Given the importance of imagination, here are some tips on how to improve your child’s imagination:
Give children the opportunity to free their imagination through play or other activities so that children get a great opportunity to display their creative potentials. For example through educational toys (unloading pairs), children playground, nature tourism activities, visit the gallery paintings, science fiction movies, and so forth. These activities, in addition to encouraging the hearts of children, can also give children the opportunity to express their feelings, social skills training and train with their playmate language skills.

Parents do not be concerned or all the more insulting “greatness” Children imagination. Because of abusive or ridiculing attitude will only turn off the child’s interest to create through imagination.   Provide play equipment and material needed to stimulate the imagination. For example for a child who likes to draw, drawing tools provided in the form of crayons and construction paper. Let your child use these materials to create your own favorite images as they wish.

Create a parent-child relationship that is not too protective and not too set. Give children the opportunity to practice to develop itself loose from the rigid restrictions.

Give children the opportunity to gain knowledge and broaden their horizons through books. When children can not read, it is important parents often read stories or tell stories to children.

Do not be too much to give toys which are structured like a coloring book. It also needs to reduce the granting rules and lessons that require memorization. Ask children with questions that can be answered with various answers, so do not need an answer right or wrong.

Be a parent who likes to hear children, and likes to encourage children to tell stories. For example when traveling with children, ask children to recount what they saw, they experienced and felt.

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