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Baby fell out of bed, to note how the position of the baby when they fall, which parts of body hit the floor, unconscious or not, if collapsed long ago, throwing up or not, is there a bump on their head after falling, is there a skull, collarbone, shoulder, hands or feet are cracked, is there any vision problems.

Children do not get hurt, do not always no injuries. Head trauma with minor injuries do not always lead to gravity. Instead a small bump on the head due to hit the floor can cause gravity.

If passed, there is a bump on the head, headache or persistent vomiting, exit fluid or blood from the ear or nose, the paralysis in the face or have blindness need a CT scan of the head.

Patients who recovered from severe head trauma, generally have a permanent disturbance, whereas mild and moderate head trauma have a risk of impaired cognitive and motor function in the future. However, almost the majority of cases mild head trauma in children does not provide residual symptoms later in life. Sort or baby massage can be performed in infants aged 5 months, even in preterm infants. Mother actually can make your own baby massage but should be appropriate guidelines. If not yet know how, should be brought first to the therapist at the hospital.

There are so many benefits of infant massage, including improved blood circulation and respiration, increased weight loss, reduce depression and tension, making sleep more restful sleep, reduce bloating and colic (abdominal pain) and improve the relationship between parent and baby.

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