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Maintain active communication between parents and children are not only able to tell each other. But it’s also better to be able to listen to each other. Be patient when listening to children talking and listening actively to respond sufficiently.

Fosters love reading

Invite a child’s early love of books. Start from infants and toddlers, frequent reading of books for children. Bringing children to the store or book fair, and provides library facilities family. If not possible, you can bring children to the library that recreation has a collection of books for children.

Cultivating curiosity

Make a story or game fishing children to ask questions and explore new things for them. Take children to places of recreation, historic museums that encourage children to broaden their horizons. Providing simple questions that prompted them to think creatively, and make the game display in a house that will provoke children to ask questions and broaden their knowledge.

Provide an opportunity imagination

Give children the opportunity widest imagination. However, give positive stimuli, thus leading to power imagination positive thing. Children who are accustomed to watching cartoon violence, will produce children who are imagining the violence itself. Others with children who are accustomed to watching the film will educate their imagination as well as seen.

Giving creative play facilities

Creative play facilities do not always have to buy and expensive. Parents can take advantage of creative stuff at home, for example, invites kids gardening, make their own cakes, drawing with various objects on paper, board, and so forth. Facilities that support for the child will develop the creative movement and creativity of children.

Appreciating actively creative attitude and behavior

Each attitudes and behaviors of children who carried the child creativity by parents need to be respected. The award can be a compliment, to show pride in the creations of children, and to give freedom to remain the responsibility to train the child to develop their creativity.

Delaying criticism

If there is anything different or unique that children do, so parents do not directly provide criticism. For example children coloring pictures of leaves with red, then do not directly criticize or blame the child. Listen to the reason the child leaves with red dye, can so this is part of the creativity and imagination.

Encourage to explore and try

Before the child has the internal motivation, then the child desperately needed external impetus to do things. Sometimes children do not have the courage for fear of, fear does not work, and other concerns. Then the task of parents to continue to encourage children to explore and try. Verbal encouragement, will help encourage children to explore and continue to try many things.

Pushing to try and dare to take risks

Children need encouragement to do something that never before attempted. Usually the kids are not ready to take risks when they do something new. But when we give encouragement booster will help them believe that they could.

Gives confidence and responsibility

If all children needs are met and assisted by a parent or caregiver, the child does not learn to be responsible for their actions. Therefore, children need to give trust and responsibility. Give children a chance neat own personal needs. Monitor what they do, if there is a need in the offer to help them.

Encourage children to express ideas, feelings, questions verbally and written

Every child must have proposals, ideas, ideas, feelings. But not all children are able to express orally and in writing. Especially if the parents used to regulate children since waking up to sleep again. Son of a quieter, less expression, should be encouraged so that they want to express themselves. Simple things, like asking how they felt while on vacation or while helping them to explore sad feelings. Asking opinions about the activities of children that would be filled during the school holidays, or about how their choices in structuring private room is also a form of exercise to express ideas.

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