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Even if parents have a school, the curriculum would be developed into many and confusing. Still, that does not mean you can only surrender in the situation without finding out what is happening.

Various information can be found, ranging from newspapers, magazines, television, radio and the most comprehensive is the internet or online media. But the Internet also has a flaw, the information scattered making it difficult for you as parents to summarize this information.

In summary, you need an encyclopedia in book form. Why? The Encyclopedia provides a complete explanation and guidance as you become a parent stock. In a free, contained a variety of useful information to assist the process of child growth and development be maximized. Book also become more practical and concise, can be read by mothers, fathers and other people within your children so they also joined efforts to help create a healthy and positive environment for child development.

Encyclopedia is a number of writings that contain explanations that store information in a comprehensive and quick to understand and be understood about the whole branch of science or specialized in one particular branch of science that is composed in part of the articles with a topic of discussion on each article which is based on alphabet, category or the volume of printed publications and are generally in the form of a series of books that depends on the amount of material supplied.

Parenting Encyclopedia itself consists of 3 editions based on the stages of baby’s development, namely:

– Encyclopedias pregnancy and birth
– Encyclopedia of infant development
– Encyclopedia of child development

3 golden period that is not be missed by any parent that you can feel the maximum results when the adult child’s future.

The existence of free obviously very helpful for prospective parents and parents though. The golden child age, in 0-3 years. At this time the parents should provide the appropriate stimulus so that children can grow and develop with a maximum, both materially and spiritually. Various information about this is you can ask your pediatrician. But as an ordinary human being, of course doctors also have limited time. Because that’s free can be a reference so that parents can maximize this golden period.

Not only about the physical development. Child’s mental development is free. For example, how to tell children the truth. How to build a proper communication between the mother-father and son. Encyclopedia of guiding you to answer any problems that occur with the mental growth of children. Guides like this will remind you, that child development is located under the care and upbringing of the parents.

In essence, free to give more insight and knowledge for parents. Nothing wrong with books that are beneficial to child development in your cupboard shelves as literature that can be trusted.

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