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Factors that affect the games of the children:

1. Health
Children who are healthy have a lot of energy to play compared with children who are less healthy, so healthy children who spend lots of time to play that requires a lot of energy.

2. Intelligent
Smart kids more active compared with children who are less intelligent. Smart kids prefer like games that are intellectually stimulating or game that a lot of power of thinking, for example, drama games, watching movies, or read the intellectual readings.

3. Gender
Fewer daughters play a game that spends a lot of energy, such as climbing, running, or other physical activities. This difference does not mean that girls less healthy than boys, but the view of society that the girl child should be soft and subtle acting.

4. Environment
Children who grew up in an environment with less provide the equipment, time, and playing space for children, will reduced the activity to play.

5. Socioeconomic status
Children are raised in a family environment with high economic status, more play with complete game compared to children raised in families of low economic status.

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