PostHeaderIcon Types of your Toddlers (Part 1)

In fact, there are many ways to make the child feel comfortable and realize its potential. Here are four common personality types of toddlers. Then discover how to hone the quality of their behavior.

Loner type
Your child may be anxious to face outside environment and tends to be observers rather than to act. Because little bit difficult to adapt to new environments, give them time to familiarize.

How to develop their potential:
• Let them lean on you. When meeting new people, hug your child and talk with a soothing voice.

• Do it slowly. Children of this type do not like to be kissed by others. If possible, offer their favorite toy.

• Combine new flavors with a sense that they knows. This type of child who shame usually difficult to try new food, and give them something that they know, like apple sauce so they could dip the new food into the sauce.

• Prepare them. If you intend to a new place, tell your child about it. For example, there is an animal, theirs favorite toy – a lot more they know, they fell more comfortable.

• Appreciate the style. Not all children should be able to quickly socialization. Nothing wrong with kids that only have a few friends and prefer solitude. So do not force them, and do not make your child feel inferior. Come observe the surroundings with them without force them to join in it.

Zen Type
Like a dream come true. Their demeanor calm, flowing, and always positive. But not always run smoothly. Possibility, more difficult to attract their attention, and they still needs a lot of time and affection.

How to develop their potential:
• Reinforce positive behavior. Do not forget to give appreciation what they have done with good. If they see their brother naughty to got a lot of attention, they can imitate the mischief it to attract your attention.

• Offer assistance. Children who calm could have trouble when dealing with conflict, so they must know that they can ask for your help.

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