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Usually teachers have teaching methods and curriculum in the course of each institution. Games are always a distraction, and would still charge of teaching materials. Guess the picture, calling family members, or to guess the form is some English vocabulary exercise for children. Here is one method of teaching English language suitable for the children.

For children age 4 – 6 years:

Phase 1. Children start learning the alphabet, naming themselves and knows all sorts of animals.
Phase 2. Children learn a great day of celebration and well known part of the body and the clothes they wear.
Phase 3. Children learn to express feelings, ask for directions, and specify the time.
Phase 4. Children learn to tell their homes, their hobbies and favorite places.

For children ages 7 – 12 years:

Phase 1. Children learn basic skills in English, including a variety of vocabulary about animals, body parts and foods.
Phase 2. Children learn to use simple vocabulary to describe the weather and their daily lives.
Phase 3. Children learn to form simple sentences in conversation and use the past tense forms (past tense) and the present (present tense).
Stage 4. Children are able to communicate about topics of school, daily activities and holidays. Children will also be taught to form sentences future (future tense) using the vocabulary and pronunciation is more complicated.
Stage 5. Children learn to respond in the past tense (past tense) and sentence the future (future tense) as well as learn pronunciation, sentence structure and conversation more difficult.

Thus, learning English also have phases that can be absorbed in the small brain. Most importantly, do not impose the will if they fed up with English lessons. Especially if you just fed your baby is eager to look further than their peers. Let they learn according to their own. Do not like to impose your will.

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