PostHeaderIcon Teach your toddler to breakfast first

Some of the benefits of breakfast for toddlers that they will be better able to concentrate and focus on learning, so it can perform tasks in a better school. this is because eating in the morning can increase blood sugar supply to the brain and to optimize the brain works. That way, children become intelligent and active in her school.

Food menu in the morning does not need too many and diverse. Most important is the children consumed breakfast contains enough protein, vitamins, iron and fat-containing omega3. Important substances are able to provide good nutrition for the development of the child’s body.

How busy you are as a parent, always provide breakfast for your child and toddler. You surely do not want your child go to school with an empty stomach? It could even fall ill later when the habit is not breakfast. Breakfast must be able to add and maintain the toddler nutrition. And if the children and toddler are meet with good nutrition, the body will have a stable body weight than children who do not eat breakfast.

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