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Babies can also be saturated, if always stay in the house. Occasionally they should bring to go. It’s important for the recognition of the environment. They can adapt to people and nature around. Whether it’s fixed or mobile environment.

Children aged under 28 days, not recommended to bring to travel. The reason, the baby’s age is still risky to adapt to the outside environment. Ideally, since they stepped on the age of 6 months. At that age, babies have got some shots for their endurance. They are able to see and recognize the objects in their environment, in addition to already be seated, practice to walk, or talk.

Indeed, they continued, infants 1-2 months of age may also have encouraged to move. They probably contracted the disease, for instance, meet people, and return of so cold or cough. We do not know exactly there is a virus that spreads. Thus, if in the house has a baby sitter, it’s better left at home alone.


Although just shopping to the mall or to a place of recreation, specify the journey time and distance. To the extent possible, avoid traveling during rush hour, so to avoid a traffic jam.

Also consider how long it will be at their destination. Remember, there is their daily schedule, such as hours of sleep or a meal. If we are delayed, the child schedule automatically disorder. As a result, they became fussy and outings is so unpleasant.

Similarly, if you wanted to take them out of town or even abroad. Note the distance, duration, and what activities would be conducted. By doing so we can prepare everything necessary, especially for the baby.

Do not forget to check their health. If the condition is dropped, you should delay or cancel the travel. A more thorough examination with the help of experts (doctors), highly recommended if your child will be invited to travel far. Consult about what you should look for lunch during the trip.

If there are medicine that have to consume for the baby, make sure you have enough medication for the entire trip. Provide a copy of the recipe to keep the possibility if the drug reserves lost or spilled. If there are drugs that should be kept in the fridge, ask your doctor whether there is a substitute drugs which do not have to be stored in the refrigerator.

Ask for first aid medicine to keep the possibility the baby sick. It is better you have the name and address pediatrician at their destination, especially for long trips.


If it’s only to the mall or market, of course do not bother bring food self-contained. Especially if the place we could easily find a suitable food for the baby. To be sure, milk (when feeding from the bottle) and snacks should be provided.

For long trips, take more food reserves than you have calculated. In addition to milk, take solid foods such as biscuits. It could also prepare the food in containers such as milk porridge or gruel team that easily processed.

Do not forget drinking equipment and feeding the baby. Prepare at least two bottles of milk, if the baby is not breastfed. One bottle to drink and one for inventory. Put in place of heated milk. It’s good to bring a number of small size plastic spoons for feeding the baby on the travel. If no facilities to wash, you can immediately throw it away.

Remember, take the baby away after they eat. We must follow the baby’s eating schedule, not the schedule we eat. If the baby had not time to eat, give snacks. Notice also baby schedule for eating during travel schedule. If not, the baby can be cold and will quickly fall ill.


How much clothing to bring, as adjusted for the destination and length of trip. If only travel to supermarkets or malls, just bring some diapers and a change of clothes. Do not forget to wear a hat everywhere they asked to go. You see, top of his head is still open and thin.

If the baby will be invited to the hot areas, take clothes from materials that absorb perspiration. Conversely, if the cold area, do not forget to bring warm clothes, blankets, socks, hats, and jackets. If the head, hands, and feet covered, the baby is cannot quickly exposed to the cold. Also avoid spending excessive heat from their body, so that the heat remains in the body of a baby.

Bring diapers in sufficient quantities to one-way trip. Plus a few reserves for possible travel delays or if the baby is experiencing abdominal pain that often occurs in transit.


Traveling by motorbike, is not recommended. Because, besides dangerous because especially the possibility of an accident, the baby will be exposed to dust and can cause many common colds.

If possible, avoid all public transport vehicles such as buses and trains. Because, in public transport, the baby will meet many people. He feared contracting the disease because their endurance is not like an adult. Their organs are still not perfect, yet stable, and is currently in formation. It could be that infants exposed to the virus rapidly spreads from person sneezes, for example, so that the baby attacked by influenza.

Instead, use private cars. In addition to health care safer for the baby, the baby in it to load with people who already knew such as parents or family and their babysitter. Also, travel by private vehicles allow you to manage your time. If the distance is long enough, try to stop every two hours. Then take the baby out of the car just to make them move freely or give milk.

Do not ever leave a baby in a parked car. Hazardous once!” Even with the windows open though. Because the car can quickly heat up to be like an oven that can be deadly.

If forced to take the train, we recommend a reservation a few days earlier in order to select a coach and a comfortable seat for the baby. Do not forget to select the carriage of free cigarettes. If crowded passenger trains and the journey will be long, you better also buy tickets for the baby seat.

To overcome the tedium of the baby because of a long journey, other than give them a toy, you can take them to see out the window of the train. Show and tell what sights there, whether people’s homes, trees, people, and animals.

If by some reason you just go alone with the baby, never leave then with strangers (fellow passengers). Do not also leave the baby alone, especially when it approached the station stops. What is the reason, you would have understand.

Traveling by plane will be faster to take the train instead. Just to note the influence of high air pressure to the ear. To reduce the air pressure, give the baby a pacifier nipple. He also needs to be given to drink a lot during the trip to avoid the drought, given the dry nature of air travel. If you are breastfeeding, you have to much to drink.

During the trip, it would be better if the baby stays in your lap or arms. Besides going to give them a sense of warmth, psychologically the baby will feel safe and protected. They are comforted in the mother’s affection. Do not put the baby in a basket or given to the babysitter. But treat it as normal and as possible that you give love to the children.

Where to Stay

Better to reserve a seat ahead of time though not in the holiday season. So you can have plenty of time to seek information, and choosing a good hotel. Remember, you bring the little guy.

Most importantly, the hotel has to be clean. If not, worry about disease transmission occurs, especially skin diseases. Can pass towels, blankets, bed linens, and soap. Usually a good inn will consider hygiene factors. If possible, look for hotels that have a service for family purposes.

Notice the security of hotel room once you arrive, especially sharp objects or glass that can rupture and power outlet. Especially if the baby is crawling or starting to walk. Always use the pad every time you want to change nappies / diapers or when the baby is sleeping or playing on the floor of the hotel room.


Normally the baby will be nervous once they are in a new place. They became fussy or whiny. It’s only natural, because they have to adjust. Especially if they are experiencing climate change / weather from hot to cold. About 1-2 days a baby will be agitated. At first, maybe they’ll cry, but not for long anymore. After that they can adapt.

Now, the baby is easy to adapt to new surroundings, do not let the baby’s cold or hot. Climate change could cause an allergic infant as sneezing and runny nose, though not directly. That is, if the baby’s immune system to decline because of climate change, then they will easily fall ill. Now, to maintain the durability of their body, the baby should be given nutritious food containing protein, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins.

Specific changes to the cold regions, dietary intake in infants should really be noticed. If not, the baby will experience a cold while their body still burning. As a result, the baby fell ill. By contrast, in hot regions, the need for more fluids. Babies should be given a lot of drinking.

Actually the baby is easy to adapt in a new place. Very difficult to adjust to new people, especially in infants under 3 months of age. But this can be resolved soon to know the origin of the baby accustomed to new people.

Important Equipment

So, the little one wanted to have a vacation out of town? Well, do not forget to prepare the following list.

* Drugs

Especially for first aid as febrifuge, eucalyptus oil, oil telon to warm their body.

* Toys

Bring some toys so she would not get bored with toys that it-that’s all. Toys are also useful to dispel the boredom in a journey that takes a long time. Or when the baby is difficult to be fed, attention could be diverted to the toy when fed.

* Tissue

Prepare the dry towels and wet wipes for baby. Can be used to wipe hands and clean the baby’s mouth or genitals / buttocks after a bowel movement. Can also be used to clean hands and a window seat vehicles, and so forth.

* Plastic bags

Allows you to wrap shirt or pants and dirty diapers used in the trip. Also wrapped bottle that leaked or used equipment to eat, and so forth. Bring some fruit.

* Tool Wear

Can be a long cloth (jarit) or carrying tools ready to use (slings). So that your hands can be used for other purposes such as carrying bags and so forth.

* Push Cart

Bring a baby stroller can be folded and light. This will allow you time to walk in a place such as malls, supermarkets, or place of recreation. The baby would have a broader view.

* Base Protector

Provide a base of medium-size water resistant to wear when you change diapers / baby diapers in a hotel room. Also provide some mats used to cover the surface of the mattress where the baby is sleeping, or to cover furniture and carpet / floor hotel room for a baby to use it.

* Bathroom Accessories

All equipment needed for the baby shower or thereafter to be brought. Except for baby tub, of course.

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