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Nowadays many interesting edutainment programs are offered. But whether it is appropriate and beneficial for your toddler? Do not miscast. Here is some tips about how to choose edutainment for toddlers.

Edutainment is the places or situations that allow toddlers to learn while playing. For example, zoos, botanical gardens, marine parks and museums. These places give it easy for toddlers to learn while playing. Besides things that are real, edutainment can also be obtained from the CD.

In bookstores, you can find many kinds of CD edutainment. In recent years, the computer industries adopt the concept of edutainment. They developed educational programs on CD-ROM that uses the approach play and entertaining toddlers to love learning.

The program that is appropriate with those things is if your toddler loves to play with the computer, encourage them by providing edutainment CD according to the age.

There are some tips to introduce edutainment CD to toddlers, according to their age

* Toddler aged one to two years should be guided in using edutainment programs, because they can not do it alone.
* Toddler age of three tend to be rejected if taught, except when an adult acts as a friend to play.
* Toddlers age four years need a tutor to help him acquainted with a new program that would to play. Return to their problems and their resolution, the remaining children of this age prefer to solve their own problems.
* Children aged five years old do not need tutors who are too many plays. Children at this age just need a companion who can assist when needed. They always want to solve their own problems.

In general toddlers use a computer to learn while playing. You must be observant choose program that are suitable for your toddler.

The program should:

* Encouraging toddlers to explore, imagine and solve problems, reflect the lives of toddlers about what is already known by toddlers about their surrounding environment.
* Involve all the senses including voice and sound
* Not completed, so that the toddler had the opportunity to seek and explore, make choices and then find the result of their choice.

With this type program, various fields of development can be achieved maximally toddlers including toddler nonverbal intelligence and skill. The children also become more skilled at making hypotheses, solve problems, collaboratively, motivation and a positive attitude toward learning.

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