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For babies age 3-6 months, you can give them one toy to play. For 6-10 months old, give them no more than 5-6 or 1-2 small toys and big toys to play. Babies, loves the familiar things. Choose the toys which similar to each other. It took several weeks for them to show their interest in a new toy that is similar to the old toys.

Give them a lots of stimulation by providing kids toys or objects to enrich their experience. The more stimulation you can give, their growth will be faster. They are also will have experience to solve the problem and communicating.

You must be creative because it is not all the toys tools available in the market and the price is often a problem. Nothing wrong if you make your own toys tools using some materials that available at home. After they enjoy playing with you, they need a break, so that you have to responsive to them.

Finally, the most important, take the babies to play is not only the mother jobs, but also the father because father and mother must be different when they teach something to the child. Moreover, take care and educate the child is the task of their parents.

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