PostHeaderIcon Parenting tips: The power of story telling

Tell the story or used to called Storytelling has many benefits. For example, developing the power of thought and imagination of children, develop speaking skills, develop the power and the socialization, especially communication with their parents.

Many psychologist, suggested that parents to familiarize storytelling to reduce the bad influence of the modern game. Since the direct interaction between children and parents with storytelling is very influential in shaping the character of children.

In addition, from a variety of ways to educate children, fairy tales are the most powerful and effective way to provide “human touch” or the human touch and sportsmanship for the children.

Currently the parents who busy with their activities can make children try in a variety of games, entertainment and reading other media such as television and computers as well as comic books that make them rarely interact with parents. Learn about sportsmanship by knowing each others.

As part of the arts, fairy tales can create a sensitivity to the child’s side. Figures and characters that told in fairy tales will always be remembered by kids, both of good and bad characters. Fairy tales can also be influential for healing a sick child, especially the psychological impact.

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