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One of the hardest things I found when I had my first child was that I didn’t seem to have enough hands to do everything, carry everything and hold my newborn baby!!

It could be carrying the shopping, the nappies, trying to answer my phone or paying for the bus – I just always seemed to struggle… That is until an extremely kind friend of mine bought me a changing bag – WOW this just changed everything.
Space for the nappies and cleaning wipes, a rolled up changing mat, space for my baby’s food and the greatest function – A POCKET FOR MY MOBILE PHONE. These changing bags are a must have for any parent in my opinion as it has revolutionised my life… it really has!

Changing bags come in all shapes and sizes – bags and totes – in a range of colours and styles, it is nice to feel a little stylish, I haven’t been able to fit in my skinny jeans for months, but walking down the street with my Yummy Mummy changing bag makes me feel fantastic.

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