PostHeaderIcon Easy steps to teach your kids

There are easy steps to teach your kids for their growth

– Learning from the environment
When playing outside with your kids, you can teach them to read the various papers. You can also ask to know the animals, plants and objects encountered on the road. If the child can already read, encourage them to record the names of the object, and then read it again together.

– Taking advantage of special events
If the child has been able to read, encourage them to cook together. Ask the children to read the recipe. Also, encourage children to prepare food by reading labels listed. Reading the shopping list also become a fun activity to learn to read. Ask the children to find stuff, and encourage them to match shopping list with the items found on the shelves.

– Currently Watching
We watch television together not only to become passive spectators. Ask children to read text, written or anything that appears on the screen.

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