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Healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle have a lot to do with forming the right habits. There are plenty of healthy habits that we can apply in our every day lives such as drinking plenty of water, eating breakfast, not skipping lunch, avoiding a late dinner and eating fruit and vegetables. Start by choosing one of them and making it a habit before moving to the next habit. Before you know it, you’ll develop a more healthy lifestyle.

Fruit is a source of natural nutrients needed by our bodies to stay healthy. Various kinds of fruit contain different vitamins. For teenagers and adults, eating fruit helps the body’s immunity against various diseases and makes the body fit and healthy. If you wish to get more information about a healthy lifestyle, you can visit There is information about nutrition, fruit recipes, fun games and healthy eating lifestyle. The site funded by the European Union, the Italian government and the CSO aims to provide complete information, especially for families with children on the quality, safety, nutritional characteristics and the health benefits of fruit and aims to prevent child obesity. This is in addition to the promotion of the consumption of fruit and the benefits in young people, especially children and teenagers.

To build the image of fruit as a tasty alternative to junk food, you can play fruit games. Many games are related to fruit and the main character is Mr. Fruitness who helps to promote the consumption of fruit in Europe. He is a superhero with special powers that children can interact with in order to learn about a healthy diet whilst having fun.

Promotion and informational activities in this site involve very young consumers and their families, service trades, schools, institutions and health authorities, in order to encourage people to consume more fruit.

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