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Playing games is one of the children activities. Children can play various games both indoors and outdoors. The kids have fascination for game and enjoy the game. While some of them would rather be in the room, most of the kids liked to go out and have fun. Playing on the inside or outside the room should be balance. Games for kids in the room is more education-oriented games and is played by using their brains, for example, chess is one good game that can played in the room.

One of the weaknesses of the indoor game is the possibility of children getting obese because they do not do many physical movement. This is different with the game outside the room where the kids get fresh air and a little physical training for the health of their bodies such as playing soccer, baseball, basketball and other games of physical activity. Parents should look at just the right balance of both outdoor and indoor games.

An educational game is a very important and useful in the fast development of children because it involves intelligence while playing. Games such as shooting or sniper games are one type of games that can be played by children because this game make children to concentrate, speed and hit the target. They are also accustomed to doing things quickly and accurately. The game is in addition is match to played by the children, adults also can play it. Generally games for kids accompanied by the display graphics and images that attract such an adventure, hunting that is designed with an atmosphere that looks like real.

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