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There are many easier way for children to learn. In addition to creative, parents also can help by using various media. Select media that can make it easier to learn.

Learning sometimes be a tedious activity for children. If it is not smart to handle it, they will be reluctant to accept the lesson.   When children learn, do not need no coercion for enterprising child because the child will gradually learn in their lessons.

Creativity parents is necessary in studying the motivation of children, like entering the world of children, such as by getting to play interspersed with games that children enjoy doing. Play guessing game name body parts for example.

Give a fun atmosphere while learning so that children are not bored.  In motivating children to learn there are different ways according to age. Like when teaching something to children, especially for toddlers, there is no harm in using the media as a tool to facilitate the children received lessons.

Such as, play songs in English to children to introduce the language and show a variety of interesting and colorful book in introducing objects.  If lessons are given by way of an interesting and not boring, your child more quickly capture.  Introducing the language, or give information about the use of appropriate vocabulary and help users find the word quickly, can be obtained from the dictionary.  The intended use of the dictionary, can be to understand what is read and what is heard. In addition, also to prepare a paper or prepare a verbal utterance.

Currently, the dictionary is not only used for those who want to further understand the language, many schools have started to teach how to read a dictionary.

Even starting from the children who sit in kindergarten. However, it all depends on the intended use.  Not a few parents who introduced the words to the child through the dictionary. So, introduce dictionary since children begin to understand and fit their abilities.

Generally, to introduce the dictionaries to the children can begin to introduce pictorial dictionary.  Because it looks more attractive so that the children  are quickly to understand the vocabulary in question. From the pictorial dictionary, then the child will be used to open the dictionary when children find it difficult to learn to understand a foreign language. Other media that can be used is through the tale.

Remember, the world is the world’s children play. That is, the child is basically a fun world. Play, have the meanings: a fun activity, without coercion, and without a strict or rigid target.

So, the learning process in children should be done through activities that really marred the atmosphere of excitement. So, just when parents use the media as a tool to facilitate the child’s learning.

As a parent who demanded always creative in creating children’s learning media, parents do not have to choose an expensive media to help children quickly caught in accepting what is taught.

As a tool the game itself, can be a tool made from wooden beams to form a puzzle that will stimulate a child’s brain to think or to make a game set houses that stimulate the child to be creative.

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