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A parent’s touch is one of the most invaluable gifts for a baby. Giving your baby a relaxing massage is a great way to get connected to your baby. Your baby will be comfortable to feel your touch. It also gives them a sense of security. Oil massage plays a crucial role in a baby’s development. If you want your baby to be physically fit, you need to massage your baby on a regular basis.

Giving your baby a massage is not a difficult task but if it is your first baby, you need to be careful. Here is a guideline that will help you to give your baby a smoothing massage.

Guideline for Baby Massage:

  1. 1. The most important thing about baby massage is the timing. You should go for it only when your baby is calm and quite. It is essential that your baby relaxes while you massage him or her. Choose a room where there will be no disturbance. While you massage your baby, you can play music. This will help you to sooth your baby.
  2. 2. A soft surface is required for the massage. You should lay your baby in a blanket or a bed. Make sure the surface is plain. Position your baby properly so that there is no chance for your baby to fall or roll off.
  3. 3. Now you should undress your baby. Your baby can wear a diaper. Before you start the massage lay a thick towel on the bed or blanket and then place your baby on it to make your baby feel comfortable.
  4. 4. Olive oil or vegetable oil is just perfect for your baby. You can also use the branded baby oils. But if you are going to massage an infant, you should avoid baby oil.
  5. When you massage baby make sure your motions are gentle. Otherwise your baby will get hurt. Massaging in slow gentle circles which make your baby enjoy your touch.

Stick to these tips and you will be able to give your little one a relaxing massage.

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