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All the parents love to spend time with their babies. You create shared moments when you spend time with your baby. Spending time with your baby not only means cuddling them or pampering them. It also means teaching them new things in a way that both of you enjoy.

Reading to your baby is one of the most important activities to be engaged in. It develops their auditory senses. If you follow the right process, it can be fun. When you read to your baby, make sure you read aloud. It will make them familiar with words and increase their vocabulary gradually. With the passage of time they will learn to connect different objects with the corresponding words.

Reading aloud to your baby has got several benefits. It will develop their listening skills, communication skill, thinking skill as well as the skill of memorization. They will also develop love for books.

It is never too early to start baby reading. You can start reading to your baby when it is on your womb. It is a good way not only to teach your baby new words but also to familiarize her with your voice. Make sure your spouse also does the same. Both of your voices will help soothe your little one.

When you read to your baby you should remember that they have a very short attention span. So if you keep on reading the same thing to your baby constantly your baby will not learn anything. Rather she will get irritated. When you see that your baby is loosing interest in a book, you should either change the book or stop reading completely.

Babies love colors. You should buy baby books with bright colors, large images and touch and feel objects. These things will help in holding your baby’s attention. They will enjoy it when you read to them from such interesting books.

When you read to your baby be a little alert and see which book your baby likes the most. Repeating that book again and again will help your baby to learn things faster.

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