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As a mom and parents, taking your baby look around the city or village is very great time. Letting him open the mouth, smiling, and looking around outside home, will very good teach them of capability of feeling. To obtain good health of your baby, you need to give attention not only in the food, but also about his clothes. While you are having him outside your home, you have to prepare some baby clothes inside your baby changing bag. Be sure that all your baby clothes are clean and safety inside the changing bag. Then, you can take him on baby exercise. What does it mean?

A good advice of midwife, health visitor, and even government is that we can take our baby on the water and sure with our hands, without wanting him to be two or three years, and without waiting him is immunized. Our children need to feel confident and relaxed in the water; it will be very good for their health and strength body. That is why taking them on the water since in baby ages will be very good. All we need is just company our baby while getting him on the pool and wearing him with very comfort baby swimming costumes. Currently, baby swimming costumes are improving into better shape and safety.

Before taking your baby in his first trip to the swimming pool, these are what you need and you should prepare well: get a playpen or pushchair access; if you are bottle-feeding you have to give him a war, bottle for after the swim; a toweling dressing gown; because swimming makes him hungry so give him snack; your baby’s bath toys; and the last is do not forget your nappy bag. However, considering baby’s health, perhaps you can consult to a midwife or the doctor about your baby condition in contacting the water.

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