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More and more parents are revealing concern for the flood of electronic games in the market today. These games are considered unhealthy because they tend to make the children got addicted so that they forget their more important task, namely learning and preparing for their future. However, parents are also facing great challenge when they want their children to slow their addiction with these games because the games are so popular.

The biggest problem is that the prices of these games are usually very expensive. If price is a big matter for you, but you want to have the same, if not more, benefit for the development of the children, it is wise to turn the attention of your children toward wooden toys. These give your children more natural games and occupations which are not only but also train them to develop their motor and cognitive skill as well. A snake, for example, will teach your children to find the best way to solve the problem of matching the right parts to create the right shape.

Other playful things of these alternatives will focus your children to develop their motor skill, without the children even aware of it. With the snake, for example, they will be trained to move their fingers, joints, and arms to perform the necessary movements for achieving a certain aims. From this training, you may hope that the children will be agile children who in the future may become an athlete or at least adult people with deft movements.

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