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Eco Friendly Toys for Your Kids

Parents looking to leave a smaller footprint on the earth are buying their kids eco friendly toys made of wood, organic cotton, hemp and wool. Wooden toys especially are very durable, outlasting childhood, so now grown-up children can pass them on to the next generation. Many children delight in the natural textures of wood and natural fabrics. While unpainted wooden toys gain a fine patina over time, brightly painted wooden toys enchant a child’s eyes, enlivening their senses.

Many adults fondly remember their wooden toys when they were kids, the favourite rocking horse or wooden train set. Wooden fair trade toys from around the world serve educational purposes as well, as they help kids learn to walk, extend their fine and gross motor skills and enhance imaginative play. It’s easy these days to buy wooden train sets online, rather than take the bother of heading out to a toy store. Kids of all ages love to play with train sets, building tiny towns for the train to run through. As children get absorbed in playing with trains, their concentration grows and imaginations soar.

Board games, baby walkers, push-pull toys, ride on toys, alphabet and number blocks, kids’ cars and tractors are all made of fine wood and painted in the bright colours beloved by children everywhere. The best choice of eco friendly toys are available to discerning and thoughtful parents. Enchant your children with wooden toys that help them learn to balance, fire their imaginations and challenge their motor skills. Your kids will have years of enjoyment.

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