PostHeaderIcon 7 Strategies to Make Toddler Discipline

Make toddler discipline

Make toddler discipline

At an early age, children are sometimes deliberately behaving one to satisfy her curiosity, as well as to test the parents. Sometimes, we are so stressed with naughty behavior, fussy, and indicated unruly toddler.

Consider the discipline strategies and tips you can do to children. At least one of these can be effective ways to curb your child’s behavior fussy.

1 Always consistent

No matter what their age, children need clear boundaries. Rules you do not need to be written in stone inscriptions, but basically they have to be the same from day to day.

If yesterday you said is at 08.00 hours sleep a night, then be prepared to turn off the television and the lamp room at the same time tomorrow. It may be just a small example, but always enforce the rules every day. Washing hands before eating, to hold your hand when crossing.

When kids are not sure what to expect behavior to them, look no meaningful regulation and a desire to obey evaporate.

2 Eliminate the audience

When the children were hungry attention (or insist want candy or a new toy they see on television), they will do anything to get it, one of which is by way of raging or tantrums.

Do not give up when little one do so. Quietly, stepping away from the situation and ignore tantrums. It takes a very strong determination to do so, but this strategy sends a message that such behavior is not acceptable and is not effective to get what they want.

3 Pay attentions to good deeds

No words are too much in terms of motivating others, especially your little one. When you see your favorite son clean up his toys without being asked 12 times, or he’s doing the breathing technique taught when you feel frustrated, give him praise.

It shows that you really pay attention to him. Plus, your pride will encourage him to feel proud of his actions as well. But remember, do not go overboard with praise, especially for things that do not require much effort.

4. Distract, Distract, Distract

Discipline toddlers

Discipline toddlers

You might think the trick discipline “distract” the only effective only to the baby alone. In fact, this trick also works for older children and preschool.

As soon as you see signs of spoiled (whining, quivering lips, crocodile tears), quickly change the subject. “Hey! Do you know your cousin is coming tomorrow? “Or” Mother forgot to show you something … comes here! “Surprising turn might be enough to distract your child.

5. advantage of the power of natural consequences

when the weather is rainy, your child refuses to wear a jacket and an umbrella. You could argue, plead, threaten, cajole, or force him to wear it. But you can also let it.

This will not take long before the Grassroots feel cold and also feel the consequences of his decision.

6 Give the child a chance to finish

when you see your child doing something you should not, offer him the opportunity to do the right thing. For example, you find your child is jumping up and down on the bed.

You could say, “We should not jump around on the furniture. You can jump around on the floor. “If he still jumps on top of the mattress, it’s time to give a warning:” If you keep jumping on a bed, (insert appropriate consequences here). “Are not allowed to watch favorite DVD or play with an iPad for 1 hour or 2 hours.

Whatever it is, make sure to follow it up.

7 Offer a pair of options

it is a clever way for your child to do what you want; at the same time give satisfaction that he makes his own decisions. The secret to making this trick works is that you are still deciding what will happen in the end.

For example, it is time to change clothes. Offer 2 clothes and let him choose which one he likes. Then ask her if she wants to wear it on a regular or super fast speed. He will wear it with a record time, and you’ll both walk out the door with a smile

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