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PostHeaderIcon Forming the right habits and stay healthy by eating fruit

Healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle have a lot to do with forming the right habits. There are plenty of healthy habits that we can apply in our every day lives such as drinking plenty of water, eating breakfast, not skipping lunch, avoiding a late dinner and eating fruit and vegetables. Start by choosing one of them and making it a habit before moving to the next habit. Before you know it, you’ll develop a more healthy lifestyle.

Fruit is a source of natural nutrients needed by our bodies to stay healthy. Various kinds of fruit contain different vitamins. For teenagers and adults, eating fruit helps the body’s immunity against various diseases and makes the body fit and healthy. If you wish to get more information about a healthy lifestyle, you can visit There is information about nutrition, fruit recipes, fun games and healthy eating lifestyle. The site funded by the European Union, the Italian government and the CSO aims to provide complete information, especially for families with children on the quality, safety, nutritional characteristics and the health benefits of fruit and aims to prevent child obesity. This is in addition to the promotion of the consumption of fruit and the benefits in young people, especially children and teenagers.

To build the image of fruit as a tasty alternative to junk food, you can play fruit games. Many games are related to fruit and the main character is Mr. Fruitness who helps to promote the consumption of fruit in Europe. He is a superhero with special powers that children can interact with in order to learn about a healthy diet whilst having fun.

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PostHeaderIcon Working as a CNA can provide benefits

Nursing Assistants is an essential part of every health care facility staff. They do all the basic jobs such as bathing, feeding, dressing, and others. They are often so close to the patient all times so it is considered as part of the family. In hospitals and clinics, they are usually help the medical staffs of other medical equipment such as set up or help the patient before and after surgery.

CNA salary between $20,000 to $30,000 per year, depending on the location, and work experience. You also get health insurance facilities and pension plans. If you compare the expected salary from Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) is definitely higher and usually around $ 43,000 per year. This is because LPN must follow the training for two years, and different with the CNA that only a few weeks of training to get certified nursing assistant.

Many health care facilities understand this and try to make their nursing assistant staff better. They provide higher salaries to those who show better performance so that they can provide better service to patients. Working as a CNA can provide benefits for those who are exploring career in the medical field before further studying nursing or for those who want to start a job while completing their education.

PostHeaderIcon Kangaroo Method For The Premature

Kangaroo method able to meet the basic needs of low birth weight infants by providing situations and conditions that are similar to the mother’s womb, thus giving the opportunity to be able to adapt better to the outside world.

Benefits kangaroo method:

– Improve maternal emotional relationships – a child.
– Stabilizing the body temperature, heart rate, breathing and baby.
– Increase the growth and infant weight better.
– Reduce stress in the mother and baby.
– Reduce the time crying in infants.
– Improve maternal and infant emotional state.
– Increasing production action.
– Reduces risk of infection during hospitalization.
– Shorten period of hospitalization.

Criteria that need to be hospitalized infant kangaroo method:

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PostHeaderIcon Make attention to your child growth

Proper nutrition is necessary for optimal child development. Every day children need balanced nutrition consisting of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Intake of these nutrients can be obtained from the variation of food consumed. Fat consumption to 30% of the total energy in a day is required also to absorb important vitamins like A, D, E and K are maximal.

Nutrition children should get special attention and it is still often seen the emergence of a misunderstanding of parents. There are three issues of nutrition, namely: lack of nutrition, nutrition and any excess nutrients that have indications and many effects. To avoid this, the balanced composition of carbohydrates (45% -65%), protein (10% -25%), fat (30%) and various other vitamins absolutely must be given to children who in turn can help to optimize the physical growth, brain development, intelligence and social maturity.

Smart plan of the parents is also necessary for the creation of a healthy diet, controlled and enjoyable. The key is 3J: The number of calories as needed, regular eating schedule and type of food with the composition of carbohydrates, protein and fat balance, in addition to specific nutrients are met. The parents should not be afraid to give to the child’s fat intake while it is on the recommended servings.

Then, the question is about the tricks to control intake of children whenever they are outside home or at school. In this case there is a plea deal to provide a healthy lunch with balanced nutrition to help parents monitor the type of food consumed by children. By lunch, children need to not eating snacks at random, so parents need not worry about a balanced nutritional needs of children as well and clean.

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PostHeaderIcon Tips for toddlers bathing

We can classify toddlers into 2 when connected with the activities of bathing. There are babies who love the water so they will be very happy and even laugh when immersed in water, and baby who cry and struggled when touched by water. Which groups your toddlers?

Here are some tips for safe toddlers bathing.

Talk to your child while bathing. Most parents frown or even issued a sour face when bathing their baby. Try to talk or chat with your baby even though you know that the baby will not understand what you are saying. Baby will feel secure and happy when the bath, they knows you devote attention to it. No need to tough sentences and shouted shouted, simply speak with simple sentences and soft.

Although you are not a singer, try to sing while bathing the baby. Children love music, especially the rhythmic merry. In turn, they would liked a bath as they like the procession of the songs you sing while bathing them.

Nothing wrong with giving your baby a toy in the bath. Toys that float like a duck or a plastic doll will attract their attention. By playing at home they are expected to be in the bathtub.

Use a special bathtub and safe for toddlers. Always hold the baby carefully. Remember that the baby will be slippery when wet so you have a strong hold but still with a tenderness. If necessary, invite someone to help you bathe your baby, especially if they are a lively baby. How wonderful when the tub is placed at the soft base so that if something unexpected happens, your baby is not experiencing a severe trauma.

Wash your baby in warm water rather than hot water. Set the water temperature ranged from 48.9 degrees celcius. Water that is too hot will burn your baby’s skin if too cold otherwise they would be scary.

It is important to instill the sense that the bath is very good for cleanliness and health to your baby or child. A good view of the bath and shower good habits will result in good health as well.

PostHeaderIcon Child fall from the bed

Baby fell out of bed, to note how the position of the baby when they fall, which parts of body hit the floor, unconscious or not, if collapsed long ago, throwing up or not, is there a bump on their head after falling, is there a skull, collarbone, shoulder, hands or feet are cracked, is there any vision problems.

Children do not get hurt, do not always no injuries. Head trauma with minor injuries do not always lead to gravity. Instead a small bump on the head due to hit the floor can cause gravity.

If passed, there is a bump on the head, headache or persistent vomiting, exit fluid or blood from the ear or nose, the paralysis in the face or have blindness need a CT scan of the head.

Patients who recovered from severe head trauma, generally have a permanent disturbance, whereas mild and moderate head trauma have a risk of impaired cognitive and motor function in the future. However, almost the majority of cases mild head trauma in children does not provide residual symptoms later in life. Sort or baby massage can be performed in infants aged 5 months, even in preterm infants. Mother actually can make your own baby massage but should be appropriate guidelines. If not yet know how, should be brought first to the therapist at the hospital.

There are so many benefits of infant massage, including improved blood circulation and respiration, increased weight loss, reduce depression and tension, making sleep more restful sleep, reduce bloating and colic (abdominal pain) and improve the relationship between parent and baby.

PostHeaderIcon When milk cow harm

Approximately 2-3 percent of infants 0-3 year-old cow’s milk allergy, because babies have immature immune systems and still vulnerable. Allergies will occur when the immune system of infants realize that the protein contained in cow’s milk as a dangerous substance. Consequently, the infant immune system will fight the existing proteins in cow’s milk so appear symptoms of allergic reactions.


Just as the symptoms of allergies to other foods, cow’s milk allergy will also attack the skin, digestive tract and respiratory tract.

There are 3 clinical patterns of this allergic response in infants, namely:

1. Rapid reaction. Symptoms will appear after 45 minutes of drinking cow’s milk. Namely the form, the rash on your baby’s skin, itchiness, respiratory tract system disorders such as breath sounds ‘ngik’, sneezing, itchy eyes and nose and red eyes.

2. Reaction medium. Will appear after 45 minutes – 20 hours after the baby is drinking cow’s milk, which is marked by vomiting and diarrhea.

3. Slow reaction. Generally, symptoms such as diarrhea, constipation (difficult BAB) and dermatitis (eczema skin), will be visible after more than 20 hours.

Do not ignore symptoms that might be caused, because if not immediately acted upon will affect all organs and even the behavior of children.

All you need to pay attention and do is:

– Give the mother’s milk. However, if milk production is not much, you need to take care of cow’s milk in infants. Replace milk with some formula Hydrolysed (partially hidrolized), and full Hydrolysed (extensively hydrolized). Consider child reaction after being fed milk. If any suspicious symptoms, immediately stop feeding cows first.

– Consult your baby’s problems on the doctor to get a better handling and precise.

– Avoid giving food allergens such as eggs, fish, nuts and certain fruits. Usually babies who are allergic to cow’s milk also has other food allergies.

– Parents who have a history of allergies tend to be high risk for allergic disease is lower in infants who are born. Numerous allergists munologi belief, the risk of developing allergies in infants around 30 percent if one parent suffering from allergies. Risk will increase two-fold if both parents are allergy sufferers.

PostHeaderIcon Importance of caring milk teeth (1)

Generally, the growth of milk teeth appear as a baby aged 6 to 24 months. The number of milk teeth is as much as 20 item, item that is 8 incisors, 4 canines, and molars 8 items. Number of teeth of upper jaw with the lower jaw is the same. Generally , the lower incisors, which first appeared on the children.

When experienced growth of teeth, usually the child feel uncomfortable and a bit fussy. Give your baby a safe toy to bite. Or use a cold towel to clean the bite. Milk teeth are smaller and have a distance that is more tenuous than the adult teeth (permanent teeth), so that permanent teeth can occupy the jaw with a ‘pass’. In addition to chew food, milk teeth as well as assisting the child to talk and prepare a place for permanent teeth.

Milk dental care is important that babies and children can process food properly. Additionally, milk teeth can also affect jaw growth, give the appearance of the face. Role of milk teeth are also important in helping children to speak, and most importantly as a ‘signpost’ for permanent teeth.

Untreated milk teeth and cause decay or hole so that it can cause pain in children, infection, and even malnutrition. In addition, damaged teeth can also cause children to have low weight and lose their teeth prematurely so influential in the development of the jaw where the tooth permanently.

In addition, problems of the mouth in infants and children such as bleeding gums and tooth decay (cavities), which can cause increase in the occurrence of this problem on a permanent tooth.

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