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Here’s how to easily train your toddlers both women and men to use the toilet:

A. Female
1. Equipment.
Use a special Children toilets. Pelvic muscles will relax, because the little feet hit the floor fixed. If using an adult toilet, give it as a stepping stool.

2. Position.
Minimize splashing peed or pooped by placing the buttocks and vagina is actually in the toilet. Ask your toddler to sit with her knees wide open. Trivial indeed, but it will help the pelvic muscles remain relaxed.

3. Sniper tactics.
Teach your toddler to clean up (or pat) genitals from front to rear direction. Let her see you do it first. Make her stay cool and comfortable sitting for long by putting books, stickers, or play her favorite song near the toilet.

B. Male
1. Equipment.
Let him use a special toilet to pee. This is when he’s not ready to stand up and “shoot”. If the pup, he may continue to use the toilet or you just add a seat on your toilet (plus a small bench for stepping foot).

2. Position.
Ask the little “push” his penis straight down before he sat on the toilet. That way, splashing his urine is not everywhere. When he chose to stand up, make sure the proper position. Both legs wide open, and he iss right in front of the toilet.

3. Sniper tactics.
Let him see his father, or show you how to “directs” his penis. To prove the “shot” is okay or not, there are several ways test it. Drop some Cheerioatau crackers down the toilet, then ask him to “shoot” with pee. Give him a sticker, or whatever his favorite gift-that’s funny so he managed to hit it. If he pooped, do not forget to prepare a book or tunes nearby. Thus he became at ease and no fuss.

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