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PostHeaderIcon Inviting Your Child to Participate The Course or Classes

We know that the child should be supported to develop their talent and potential. Responsible parent is the parent who can steer their children in order to develop children talents well.

Here are some tips in choosing a course of support for children so that children can develop well and get a proud achievement for the parents and for the children themselves.

• What goes into your child’s interest? Maybe this is the first thing you need to answer if you want to choose a course for your child. Your child may be very good at math, but most of her time is spent on tinkering with computers. From this it can be seen the greatest interest of your child.

• Also ask why your child is interested in a particular field. This question is also important in choosing courses for children. Whether by studying these

Inviting Your Child to Participate The Course

Inviting Your Child to Participate The Course

fields, your child can begin to see a future career?

• If you already know the answers to both questions above, you can begin selecting courses for children according to both you and your child. Conducting a survey of some of the course could be the right step.

Make sure you are able to financially support the plan. A mature plan should be supported by a mature financial readiness in order to avoid problems later on.

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PostHeaderIcon Fun, unique and effective way to build your vocabulary

In school, there are a lot of practice every day to study current vocabulary and learn new words.  Even in elementary school, basic vocabulary is the beginning of all studies.  Vocabulary quiz is almost every week to test the strength, the ability to understand new vocabulary. From there, students are expected to implement the new vocabulary words in the task and essays for deeper understanding. Sometimes the quiz and homework assignment is not enough, software programs and online resources are also provide vocabulary test and better material.

Some teachers use the vocabulary books that list the vocabulary words and provide activities to do, like completing the sentence, synonym or antonym and choose the correct meaning of the sentence in the story. This is very helpful because students learn more by practicing what they know. In addition to these, these are some effective ways to build your vocabulary for any test.

– Read a lot of reading material that you are interested. You don’t have to push readings that you do not like, but what you like and mark a new word.

– Using the vocabulary trees which help to provide context. Map a few trees vocabulary and you will automatically think of the vocabulary group. Use your imagination to remember the words that you’ve learned.

– Use new words in practical exercises such as by conversations with others or to yourself with the topic that has been determined.

– Using technology and vocabulary builder software programs that is use to build vocabulary and test preparation. Using this tool will save your time learning the vocabulary.

For those of you who want to quickly understand and build vocabulary with a fun unique way, you can consider Vocaboly software that can be used for SAT, GRE, TOEFL, GMAT and general vocabulary. This program consists of five books with more than 12,000 words, and each word provided with meaning, pronunciation and phonetic symbols. Also there are many words to illustrate sentences with samples on their usage.

PostHeaderIcon Smart Way Choosing Edutainment For Toddlers

Nowadays many interesting edutainment programs are offered. But whether it is appropriate and beneficial for your toddler? Do not miscast. Here is some tips about how to choose edutainment for toddlers.

Edutainment is the places or situations that allow toddlers to learn while playing. For example, zoos, botanical gardens, marine parks and museums. These places give it easy for toddlers to learn while playing. Besides things that are real, edutainment can also be obtained from the CD.

In bookstores, you can find many kinds of CD edutainment. In recent years, the computer industries adopt the concept of edutainment. They developed educational programs on CD-ROM that uses the approach play and entertaining toddlers to love learning.

The program that is appropriate with those things is if your toddler loves to play with the computer, encourage them by providing edutainment CD according to the age.

There are some tips to introduce edutainment CD to toddlers, according to their age

* Toddler aged one to two years should be guided in using edutainment programs, because they can not do it alone.
* Toddler age of three tend to be rejected if taught, except when an adult acts as a friend to play.
* Toddlers age four years need a tutor to help him acquainted with a new program that would to play. Return to their problems and their resolution, the remaining children of this age prefer to solve their own problems.
* Children aged five years old do not need tutors who are too many plays. Children at this age just need a companion who can assist when needed. They always want to solve their own problems.

In general toddlers use a computer to learn while playing. You must be observant choose program that are suitable for your toddler.

The program should:

* Encouraging toddlers to explore, imagine and solve problems, reflect the lives of toddlers about what is already known by toddlers about their surrounding environment.
* Involve all the senses including voice and sound
* Not completed, so that the toddler had the opportunity to seek and explore, make choices and then find the result of their choice.

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PostHeaderIcon Determining the appropriate teaching method

Usually teachers have teaching methods and curriculum in the course of each institution. Games are always a distraction, and would still charge of teaching materials. Guess the picture, calling family members, or to guess the form is some English vocabulary exercise for children. Here is one method of teaching English language suitable for the children.

For children age 4 – 6 years:

Phase 1. Children start learning the alphabet, naming themselves and knows all sorts of animals.
Phase 2. Children learn a great day of celebration and well known part of the body and the clothes they wear.
Phase 3. Children learn to express feelings, ask for directions, and specify the time.
Phase 4. Children learn to tell their homes, their hobbies and favorite places.

For children ages 7 – 12 years:

Phase 1. Children learn basic skills in English, including a variety of vocabulary about animals, body parts and foods.
Phase 2. Children learn to use simple vocabulary to describe the weather and their daily lives.
Phase 3. Children learn to form simple sentences in conversation and use the past tense forms (past tense) and the present (present tense).
Stage 4. Children are able to communicate about topics of school, daily activities and holidays. Children will also be taught to form sentences future (future tense) using the vocabulary and pronunciation is more complicated.
Stage 5. Children learn to respond in the past tense (past tense) and sentence the future (future tense) as well as learn pronunciation, sentence structure and conversation more difficult.

Thus, learning English also have phases that can be absorbed in the small brain. Most importantly, do not impose the will if they fed up with English lessons. Especially if you just fed your baby is eager to look further than their peers. Let they learn according to their own. Do not like to impose your will.

PostHeaderIcon Encyclopedia, guide for kids and parenting

Even if parents have a school, the curriculum would be developed into many and confusing. Still, that does not mean you can only surrender in the situation without finding out what is happening.

Various information can be found, ranging from newspapers, magazines, television, radio and the most comprehensive is the internet or online media. But the Internet also has a flaw, the information scattered making it difficult for you as parents to summarize this information.

In summary, you need an encyclopedia in book form. Why? The Encyclopedia provides a complete explanation and guidance as you become a parent stock. In a free, contained a variety of useful information to assist the process of child growth and development be maximized. Book also become more practical and concise, can be read by mothers, fathers and other people within your children so they also joined efforts to help create a healthy and positive environment for child development.

Encyclopedia is a number of writings that contain explanations that store information in a comprehensive and quick to understand and be understood about the whole branch of science or specialized in one particular branch of science that is composed in part of the articles with a topic of discussion on each article which is based on alphabet, category or the volume of printed publications and are generally in the form of a series of books that depends on the amount of material supplied.

Parenting Encyclopedia itself consists of 3 editions based on the stages of baby’s development, namely:

– Encyclopedias pregnancy and birth
– Encyclopedia of infant development
– Encyclopedia of child development

3 golden period that is not be missed by any parent that you can feel the maximum results when the adult child’s future.

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PostHeaderIcon Child creativity, the role of parents

Maintain active communication between parents and children are not only able to tell each other. But it’s also better to be able to listen to each other. Be patient when listening to children talking and listening actively to respond sufficiently.

Fosters love reading

Invite a child’s early love of books. Start from infants and toddlers, frequent reading of books for children. Bringing children to the store or book fair, and provides library facilities family. If not possible, you can bring children to the library that recreation has a collection of books for children.

Cultivating curiosity

Make a story or game fishing children to ask questions and explore new things for them. Take children to places of recreation, historic museums that encourage children to broaden their horizons. Providing simple questions that prompted them to think creatively, and make the game display in a house that will provoke children to ask questions and broaden their knowledge.

Provide an opportunity imagination

Give children the opportunity widest imagination. However, give positive stimuli, thus leading to power imagination positive thing. Children who are accustomed to watching cartoon violence, will produce children who are imagining the violence itself. Others with children who are accustomed to watching the film will educate their imagination as well as seen.

Giving creative play facilities

Creative play facilities do not always have to buy and expensive. Parents can take advantage of creative stuff at home, for example, invites kids gardening, make their own cakes, drawing with various objects on paper, board, and so forth. Facilities that support for the child will develop the creative movement and creativity of children.

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PostHeaderIcon Improve your child’s imagination

Children who are given the chance to use their imagination through play or other activities, will have ample opportunity to display their creative potential in the future. In general, the ability of imagination is needed for children to be more cheerful and positive attitude of enjoying life.

Given this ability children will be able to develop a range of other positive skills. For example, he can develop the ability to experiment, which raised the desire to create and make their own programs. Children who have good imagination skills will be able to fill their own time without much assistance from others. He is not easily bored, because there’s always ideas that motivated to be creative. In addition to the ability of a good imagination, children will also have a sense of humor that helps them in release tensions they experienced. Other capabilities can be developed is also skilled in recognizing and understanding the behavior of others, language skills and make up stories.

Given the importance of imagination, here are some tips on how to improve your child’s imagination:
Give children the opportunity to free their imagination through play or other activities so that children get a great opportunity to display their creative potentials. For example through educational toys (unloading pairs), children playground, nature tourism activities, visit the gallery paintings, science fiction movies, and so forth. These activities, in addition to encouraging the hearts of children, can also give children the opportunity to express their feelings, social skills training and train with their playmate language skills.

Parents do not be concerned or all the more insulting “greatness” Children imagination. Because of abusive or ridiculing attitude will only turn off the child’s interest to create through imagination.   Provide play equipment and material needed to stimulate the imagination. For example for a child who likes to draw, drawing tools provided in the form of crayons and construction paper. Let your child use these materials to create your own favorite images as they wish. Read the rest of this entry »

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