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PostHeaderIcon Bringing your child traveling

Babies can also be saturated, if always stay in the house. Occasionally they should bring to go. It’s important for the recognition of the environment. They can adapt to people and nature around. Whether it’s fixed or mobile environment.

Children aged under 28 days, not recommended to bring to travel. The reason, the baby’s age is still risky to adapt to the outside environment. Ideally, since they stepped on the age of 6 months. At that age, babies have got some shots for their endurance. They are able to see and recognize the objects in their environment, in addition to already be seated, practice to walk, or talk.

Indeed, they continued, infants 1-2 months of age may also have encouraged to move. They probably contracted the disease, for instance, meet people, and return of so cold or cough. We do not know exactly there is a virus that spreads. Thus, if in the house has a baby sitter, it’s better left at home alone.


Although just shopping to the mall or to a place of recreation, specify the journey time and distance. To the extent possible, avoid traveling during rush hour, so to avoid a traffic jam.

Also consider how long it will be at their destination. Remember, there is their daily schedule, such as hours of sleep or a meal. If we are delayed, the child schedule automatically disorder. As a result, they became fussy and outings is so unpleasant.

Similarly, if you wanted to take them out of town or even abroad. Note the distance, duration, and what activities would be conducted. By doing so we can prepare everything necessary, especially for the baby.

Do not forget to check their health. If the condition is dropped, you should delay or cancel the travel. A more thorough examination with the help of experts (doctors), highly recommended if your child will be invited to travel far. Consult about what you should look for lunch during the trip.

If there are medicine that have to consume for the baby, make sure you have enough medication for the entire trip. Provide a copy of the recipe to keep the possibility if the drug reserves lost or spilled. If there are drugs that should be kept in the fridge, ask your doctor whether there is a substitute drugs which do not have to be stored in the refrigerator.

Ask for first aid medicine to keep the possibility the baby sick. It is better you have the name and address pediatrician at their destination, especially for long trips.

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PostHeaderIcon Teach your toddler to breakfast first

Some of the benefits of breakfast for toddlers that they will be better able to concentrate and focus on learning, so it can perform tasks in a better school. this is because eating in the morning can increase blood sugar supply to the brain and to optimize the brain works. That way, children become intelligent and active in her school.

Food menu in the morning does not need too many and diverse. Most important is the children consumed breakfast contains enough protein, vitamins, iron and fat-containing omega3. Important substances are able to provide good nutrition for the development of the child’s body.

How busy you are as a parent, always provide breakfast for your child and toddler. You surely do not want your child go to school with an empty stomach? It could even fall ill later when the habit is not breakfast. Breakfast must be able to add and maintain the toddler nutrition. And if the children and toddler are meet with good nutrition, the body will have a stable body weight than children who do not eat breakfast.

PostHeaderIcon Outdoor camping for kids

Children are not only need the food for their body. Every form of material for your child is an intake body that can make them grow, including eating, drinking, formal schooling and toys. But its not the only the body that needed to eat, the soul is important too. But what is the food for the soul?

Spiritual might be one solution, but it does not mean if it only turns on a theory. Show them the fact that the earth is not only inhabited by humans. Any plants and animals contained therein and resulting in synergy with our natural spin violently.

For this reason the necessity of natural harmony, a balance between body and soul needs. Let them see that nature determines the flow because it has become destiny. Go to camping can teach all natural philosophy with great wisdom. Still, do not forget to complete your camper device and child escaped from the things that are not desired.

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