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Basically, the kids are like sponges. They will absorb what is read and viewed, whether done intentionally or unintentionally. Media exposure can influence the process so swift formation of character in children, including the concept of body image. As a parent, it is important to establish this concept properly, so that children grow into a strong and healthy.

There’s no way more effective in fostering a positive body image in children, other than by giving an example or role model to them. “If you as always considered as a bad mother, your child will imitate it. How can you teach children to accept themselves as they are, when you yourself do not ever do that?” said Patricia Kelly, a psychotherapist from New Realities Eating Disorders Recovery Center, Toronto. In other words, if you have the concept of a positive body image, children will automatically copy it. Here are four things that you demonstrated to them.

1. Do not be obsessed with food
“Parents who are obsessed with counting calories will teach their children that self-esteem is measured through the numbers on the scale,” said Sarah Coulson, a registered dietitian from Toronto.

This will continue until they are large carry over later. Instead of dieting and calculate how many calories you have eaten today, you better focus on the selection of healthy foods. Serve nutritious food and invite the whole family to eat without any restriction. Avoid forcing children to eat when not hungry, because this can make it have a view about the unhealthy food when I grow up.

2. Weight loss is not everything
Some of the parents give praise and support to children only when they have an ideal body weight. As soon as his son looks to be heavy, his parents and then called The Fat, The Fat, or other calls that make it even so humble. As a result, the child will try to lose weight, not because health-conscious, but because they want attention from their parents. They will also associate the weight with his confidence.

For that, parents need to learn to respect themselves not only based on appearance, and apply it also in children, according to advice from Kelly. “Praise them for their achievement in lessons or other things he does, not only because of appearance,” added Kelly again.

3. Communicating with children
While the child thinks he’s so fat, listen to complaints. Do not just say, “You’re not fat, too!” then demanded to accept the fact and stop complaining. “You just have to dig to find out, where children get an idea like that,” Kelly said.

Ask yourself, why your child could be so. Is he under stress or is there a problem? Or because too often read magazines featuring photographs model? Invite your child to talk so you can learn more about this issue. “Teach children to be able to think more critically. Give them understanding, that the images seen in magazines that may have been through the editing process to make it look more beautiful,” added Kelly.

4. Receiving body shape
The child will more often complain of curly hair, her skin is too pale, to the height and shape of the teeth. It naturally happened. However, parents need to do is teach the child to accept her body shape is. Whatever it is, size, no need to think about. Most importantly, you and your family live an active lifestyle, diligent exercise, healthy eating, and avoid stress. Do not forget, all also have to start from you! So, forget about the large size of the thigh, which is less sharp nose, or sleeves that start to sag. When you accept yourself what it is, the children also will do it!

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