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PostHeaderIcon Buying Clothes for the Baby

When I became pregnant I told myself that I would not seek to discover the sex of the child, and I also told myself that I would not buy any clothes for the baby until I was almost due. Well, I had broken both of my rules by the time I was 23 weeks pregnant! My boyfriend was livid with me at the time!

I had gone into the scan with him and we had both said all along that we didn’t want to know what the sex of the child was. We both thought it would be a wonderful surprise on the day, and it just felt like it was all part of the magic of childbirth. This was great in theory, but once I was in that room I just wanted to know! After a few minutes, when the nurse had checked all of the vital statistics, I just blurted out that I wanted to know what it was! The Nurse looked straight over at my boyfriend for some confirmation, and he just shrugged his shoulders! She told me that we were having a lovely little girl!!! I screamed on the table I was so excited!

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