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Proper nutrition is necessary for optimal child development. Every day children need balanced nutrition consisting of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Intake of these nutrients can be obtained from the variation of food consumed. Fat consumption to 30% of the total energy in a day is required also to absorb important vitamins like A, D, E and K are maximal.

Nutrition children should get special attention and it is still often seen the emergence of a misunderstanding of parents. There are three issues of nutrition, namely: lack of nutrition, nutrition and any excess nutrients that have indications and many effects. To avoid this, the balanced composition of carbohydrates (45% -65%), protein (10% -25%), fat (30%) and various other vitamins absolutely must be given to children who in turn can help to optimize the physical growth, brain development, intelligence and social maturity.

Smart plan of the parents is also necessary for the creation of a healthy diet, controlled and enjoyable. The key is 3J: The number of calories as needed, regular eating schedule and type of food with the composition of carbohydrates, protein and fat balance, in addition to specific nutrients are met. The parents should not be afraid to give to the child’s fat intake while it is on the recommended servings.

Then, the question is about the tricks to control intake of children whenever they are outside home or at school. In this case there is a plea deal to provide a healthy lunch with balanced nutrition to help parents monitor the type of food consumed by children. By lunch, children need to not eating snacks at random, so parents need not worry about a balanced nutritional needs of children as well and clean.

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