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PostHeaderIcon How to Enhance Children’s Imagination?

There are several ways that you can do to spark a child’s imagination.

Among these are:

Read the Books

Read the story together is a great way to enrich your toddler fantasy life. Choose books with lots of pictures that big, colorful, and encourage children to enjoy all the stories in it. Before children can read, you can be free to be creative about the story as you like.

View all the photos, create animal sounds, or a vehicle or a different character, and discuss what is happening or might happen to the characters in the book.

Share story

Use the child as the main character fit the story you read. It was a great way to expand children self-esteem. Children can also learn to create story and their own adventures.

Making and Playing Music

Although the child is not ready for a structured music lessons, you can still introduce them with music. Encourage children to listen to various songs together and encourage them to participate in singing, dancing, or playing a toy or homemade instruments.

Play a Game

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