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Generally, the growth of milk teeth appear as a baby aged 6 to 24 months. The number of milk teeth is as much as 20 item, item that is 8 incisors, 4 canines, and molars 8 items. Number of teeth of upper jaw with the lower jaw is the same. Generally , the lower incisors, which first appeared on the children.

When experienced growth of teeth, usually the child feel uncomfortable and a bit fussy. Give your baby a safe toy to bite. Or use a cold towel to clean the bite. Milk teeth are smaller and have a distance that is more tenuous than the adult teeth (permanent teeth), so that permanent teeth can occupy the jaw with a ‘pass’. In addition to chew food, milk teeth as well as assisting the child to talk and prepare a place for permanent teeth.

Milk dental care is important that babies and children can process food properly. Additionally, milk teeth can also affect jaw growth, give the appearance of the face. Role of milk teeth are also important in helping children to speak, and most importantly as a ‘signpost’ for permanent teeth.

Untreated milk teeth and cause decay or hole so that it can cause pain in children, infection, and even malnutrition. In addition, damaged teeth can also cause children to have low weight and lose their teeth prematurely so influential in the development of the jaw where the tooth permanently.

In addition, problems of the mouth in infants and children such as bleeding gums and tooth decay (cavities), which can cause increase in the occurrence of this problem on a permanent tooth.

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