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PostHeaderIcon Hugs Can Make Kids Become Smart

Hugs Can Make Kids Become Smart

Hug, it has a role in improving the intelligence of children, said dr. Bambang Dwiyanto Gunawan, head of Maintenance and Upgrades Subfields Children of Central Intelligence Ministry of Health.

In the seminar on hearing loss and psychiatric children in Jakarta, recently, in Jakarta, dr. Gunawan said that a hug can stimulate the hormone oxytocin, which could give a person a sense of calm and can reduce the toxicity of glutamate in the brain substance derivate.

This substance is triggered when a person experiences stress causes adrenaline rising and lead to a narrowing of the brain capacity.

Apparently, resulting in a narrowing of the brain capacity of individuals, especially children, will be disrupted function of intelligence, behavior, and mental health.

Increased adrenaline causes the brain cells swell and eventually die. Dead cells are then replaced by young cells that secrete glutamate derivate.

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