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PostHeaderIcon Teaching Toddler to Walk with Fun

Teach Toddler to Walk with Fun

Walking is one of the development stages of toddlers and toddler which is very important. By walking, the toddler will be able to achieve something easily and quickly.

Usually at the beginning of walking  and little practice runs early, maybe he are often fall, stubbed something that block him, and fell.  It is a natural thing of the learning process for the toddler.  The main proses is while the toddler learn to walk with the balance.

Toddler who is still couldn’t stand is that he are not balanced. In addition, the running skills are also supported by the stage prior example, prone, sitting, crawling, and standing. Walking ability begin to look at the age of 8 months to 18 months.

The process of learning to walk for the toddler is not easy. As a mother, you can help smooth the learning process by providing stimulation – stimulation is important that your toddler be able to walk well.

Stimulation you can do include:

1. Holding on to big things. When your toddlers are capable of supporting the weight of their body and he are able to stand alone, he will find large objects around it to hold and to learn to walk, for example, cabinets, chairs, shelves, and others.

The toddler will try stepping slowly. Attempt to shift the foot itself is an achievement because it reflects the leg muscles has the ability to carry his body.

You can put large objects that are safe to hold onto the toddler. In addition, you also have to keep objects – objects that can harm your toddler such as key cabinets.

2. Holding hands. You can hold your toddler’s hands and walked. Hold your toddler’s hands from his back. However, do not pull it up or too tight.

Then, navigate to the next one turns his hand slowly up the little toddler move his own feet.

You also can hold the body such as waist left and right for your toddler to be able to remain upright when walking.  This stimulation effort may be strenuous enough, but how it can make your toddler walk faster. This method is also safer because you can directly supervise your toddler to walk.

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